Monday, 10 October 2011

New Illustration Brief Continued

So I've been working more on my new illustration brief. Looking at collage and continuing experimentation with stenciling.

I wanted to use collage to represent the busy-ness of the full garage. I tried to use neutral and grey shades with elements of colour to show the dirty-ness of the garage.

On this piece I used the word Skellig to show its form in the garage and then used the word tea to represent the tea chest partly covering Skellig. I also used the works diet and dust around the form of Skellig to show that he was surrounded by dirt and dust. However I thing that there should be more mystery in the piece around the form so I do not think that using the word Skellig is right for this piece.

In this piece I have used the word that describe Skellig (pale, filthy and dried out) to create the form in a similar way to my first attempt. This time I also tried to create more form out of the Tea as well by using it in a more structured way to make it look more like a chest.

These are the stencils that I used to create the words.

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